T+H Gallery founded by Ting Liu in 2015. Dedicated to promoting emerging and established contemporary artists who work in various media with regards to exhibition space as well as public art sector, the gallery aims to create a dynamic cross-cultural dialogue by showing both regional and international artists and providing an experimental platform for inter-disciplinary projects with special expertise in cutting-edge technology, thereby integrating aesthetic concerns, social functions and many more possibilities.

 T+H Gallery始于2015年,结合纽约的展览空间与亚洲的艺术资源,致力于推动当代艺术的发展,并从传统展览场地延伸至公共艺术领域。团队为知名及新兴艺术家各种媒介的艺术创作提供展示平台,旨在构建当地与海外艺术家的对话机制,支持实验性的跨学科项目,尤其重视与高新科技的结合,以展示艺术的审美价值、社会功效以及值得探索的无限可能。





Founder: Ting Liu  ting@tandhgallery.com

Associate Director: Rory Bledsoe